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[XP Script] Mode 7 out of the map
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Megalukes Offline
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Mode 7 out of the map

Hey people, I need some help here with Neo Mode 7.

It works smoothly here, no bugs, no weird things.

But I've been wondering if there is anyway to use Mode7 in other scenes, like calling a sprite in scene_menu and rotate it, zoom it and stuff like it works in the map.
Does anybody know somebody who have already done this? I tried a lot here, but kinda failed…

I don't really need a full script, I just need a little snippet to apply Mode7 effects in any sprite I wish instead of just doing in the map.
I'd appreciate some help.

What I intend to do is create a sprite and using it as battle backdrop, then I would be able to control it and simulate some cool effects, like Golden Sun and Xenogears during the Scene, but I don't how possible is that, that's why I need some help here @.@

Thanks in advance :D
11-05-2011, 05:02 AM
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MGC Offline

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RE: Mode 7 out of the map

I made a mini demo designed to explain how to obtain a basic mode 7 some time ago.
However I suspect it will crash with large pictures. Don't expect high performances too.
But it could give you some basis to accomplish what you wish.

Schema + Theory
Demo + DLL + source code (use arrow keys + L/R + F5~F8 to move the picture in the demo)

Some scripts :
Working on :
11-06-2011, 08:47 PM
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