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 The man in the mirror, my impossible criticism of that which is within.
[Image: Storyboard-End.jpg]

Ever since a child, I had an affinity for all things literature. I could write circles around even those in a higher grade level than I. However, when introduced to Rpg Maker 95 - 2003 when I was around 13 I went the way of any rpg fan around my age.

"I'm going to make the next *insert jrpg here*, its going to be soooo cool!"

Legend of Harpine: Chapters of Time was my first game.

The original story. (Sadly I dont have any screenshots of the original LoH. Virus killed the old computer, geocities deleted any backup I once had. Just imagine RM2003 and then imagine the horrid mapping. Nova Hiwind was the blue haired emo rtp guy, Natelia was the brown haired rtp girl with the red armor. Avon was the golden haired rtp edit of the blue haired emo rtp guy.)
The characters were...

The story was basically me going to extremes (as I always did.. if I remember correctly, there were 130+ maps of one area even if they were poor, I always have been dedicated to whatever I did. Which allowed me to gain more experience in a shorter time than others. However, I am no natural.) to show Nova a cool emo guy. It was totally uninspired.

^ back in 2000 I suppose, its been a long while.

I left rpg maker for 8 years after that, I came back just last year to find out they made a new rpg maker. RMXP.

I was bored with my life, I figured.. "Hey, why not make LoH again?"

Originally, I was just going to wing it. I had shit to do, people to see.

Legend of Harpine: Chapters of Time (step 2)

The revamped half ass story of LoH: CoT.

Nova Hiwind: Still a Desin Knight with a horribly cliche story. He transforms into this Desin Knight when near death as he did before and blah blah balh.

Murial Night: (GASP! Some originality finally.) I decided to make a play on the subtitle, and have it actually have something to do with LoH. She was a thief that after Nova died became interested in Nova's story. <-- I didn't have anything after that, because, I was winging it.

Claire Hart: (I kept Hart out of nostalgia) A wandering girl with no purpose. The traditional emo girl to the jrpg. Here is the twist, she was ALSO a legendary Desin Knight. e.e

Starlight: Murial's bird in battle. He fought alongside Murial and alerted her of the baddies that came her way.

Aluxes, Basil, and Dorothy: The comedy relief party.


Take note that my mapping skills were still that of a 13 year old even though I was 20 at the time. As I tried to become better at my craft I observed what techniques worked and which were disposable, for maximum storytelling potential.

I kept these screenshots for bookmarks. Each time I would develop my talents in RM I would take a screenshot and compare them.

After the second time I took a break from rpg maker for two months. I studied other games. As time progressed something snapped and I couldn't help but to obsess over the project.. in my head I thought of many things that I could use from my childhood. I've decided that instead of making a game that is trying to be like 'other' games. I was going to make a game with originality.. something that will be playable. When I found out that I can sell rpg maker games, I decided to actually try hard to make something.

If I didn't like it, delete it.. if its unusable, exterminate it. If its half assed, get rid of it. If it is cliche, it is obsolete. I obsessed over this concept for many months.

LoH Concept:


I've spent days at the computer just thinking.. imagining. What can I do to make a captivating storyline?

Legend of Harpine: CoT try 3
I decided to impliment racism, rape, and menstruation in game. This all to make a more in depth story. Every place has a backstory, every NPC isn't an NPC.. but sadly my mapping skills were up to such a task. However I did manage to recruit voice actors and spriters as well as musicians by this time.

(Notice how I kept some jrpg aspects. I know better now.)


This time over, I applied camera angles. However I wasn't pleased with my mapping. I wanted to transcend the limits of Rpg Maker.

Rose: This will not do!


Damn, DAMN, DAMN! This wont fucking DO! How am I going to pull off such a story with such bad mapping?

I growled to myself, as the harshest critic I've ever faced emerged.

His words, harsh. As if falling into the abyss with no padding to soften the blow.
He will never be satisfied, even if I improved slightly.. there can always be room for more improvement.
He was as czar. He looked down on me from a pedestal, feasting on grapes, unmoved by my effort. He is not impressed, he will never be.

I revised the characters and personalities. Wrote a 19 page template of the game and aspects (I'm not going to post it of course.. its too large).



Rose: Impressed now, you fucker!

He gazed passively and gave sarcastic praise. His smile was condescending.

Rose: I'll prove you wrong, you fucker! I am better than you!

Unaware that I'm arguing amongst myself, my blood boiled. I was no longer interested in becoming great in rmxp. I wanted to become legend.. no matter what.. no matter how long. I will.

I took a break from RMXP, did side projects to accumulate experience in mapping. Myself, and I. An unlikely inspiration. I came up with story after story. I didn't care that they were original stories with good foundation. I only used it as footing to gain more experience in mapping and story telling.


By now, I had started an unofficial gaming company. (Loveless Entertainment) and had recruited a few people under its roster, including amatuer game designers. I made friends with a few rpg makers and developed a nack for making original stories. However, this was all to improve "Legend of Harpine" the project I have been working on for 2 years as of now (not counting childhood).

LoH: CoT try 3 revision

Events in all locations will alternate during gameplay. Somewhere in the middle, this stop being a hobby game and started to become a living breathing project. Gaining a team in the process, my critic has shown me why he was so harsh. As I take a step back and look at my progress, I notice.. I'm better than I was before, but in no way am I the best.

My desire, my passion, my day-dreaming has shown me how to eliminate the unneccessary, and provide only the best. Even if it means taking weeks to work out "A.I." of events or even falling back on my friends I've made in the process for help. I can make a good game with RPG maker, it just takes time and dedication.. like all good things in life.

Do you have a critic inside, or do you follow others?
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