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Very few real animal species (does not include non-animal creatures), limited gameplay
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Many fictional animal (or animal-like) species, diverse gameplay (E.g something like "The Mist")
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A combination of both real and fictional (please comment how you'd prefer this)
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Other (please comment)
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 Animal Survival Horror Game (some mature content)
For the past couple years I had been working on two prototypes for game concepts I had. One was an ecosystem sim/world-building game in Unity, the other was an animal based survival horror (which I used "Cat Story" as a placeholder name) in RM VX Ace (however, I'll probably switch to Unity for the actual game)

I made these to get people's thoughts and opinions (e.g concepts, mechanics, art and etc.) before deciding what direction I want to go in with a more serious project. I've also been doing a lot of practice with pixel art and wanted people's opinions on that as well.

I didn't bother adding a download link to either since I assumed no one would be interested in actually playing either prototype. But if for some reason someone is interested in trying the Animal Survival one (the ecosystem sim is not really in a usable state) let me know.

*Warning: Some violent, morbid and creepy content in this one. This is not a child friendly game despite the cute kittens.
"Animal Survival Horror Prototype"

Although I probably will no longer work on the ecosystem sim for various reasons (but mostly because I assume animal survival would generate more interest), much of the code and concepts will likely be re-purposed for the animal survival game when/if I switch to Unity. Although the actual tools for modifying to ecosystem will no longer be utilized outside of debugging. But I figured I'd state what this was originally going to be nonetheless and see if people thought any of the concepts could still work in a survival game.
"Ecosystem Sim Prototype"

Although the Animal Survival Prototype uses many placeholder assets, I added many of my own sprites (owl, deer, snake, humans and most monsters). Although I did not add any original environmental assets to that prototype, I have been practicing on making pixel buildings and foliage. I would appreciate your thoughts on the sprites I made.

"Original Creatures Sprites in Animal Survival Horror Prototype"
"Original Creature Concept Sprites not used in prototypes"
"Original Environment"

I would like input on which direction to go regarding playable animals in the survival game (please vote in the poll)
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Animal Survival Horror Game (some mature content) - by ChickenFetus - 09-06-2018, 01:22 AM

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