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Kyonides and His One Shots

Second Story

The Revived Round Table

By Kyonides

Thunder. Electricity. A bothersome blackout. The office of a global leader had to be lit by several candles. Suddenly an usual visitor opened the future prime minister’s window that night. It had black feathers, a dark beak and what is the most important thing of all, it had a sinister motive.

“What are you, winged beast? What’s an animal doing here?” the politician inquired of his unexpected guest.

“Duh! Isn’t it obvious? Or are you telling me you’re blind and stupid?” the bird replied with its own set of questions.

“Huh? Are you telling me you’re the bird that had paid a visit to the crazed poet?” Mr. Higgins asked him in no time.

“That’s not for you to know, you moron!” the angry invader reacted.

By the way, my readers, this is exactly the point where the security guards entered the room to catch a spy hidden in a secret closet, the very same that had been used long time before to fool attackers in times of turmoil or unjustified rebellion.

“Now it’s obvious you’ve still got a lot to learn before ruling this land, my pupil” the raven commented showing his disappointment.

“What should we do with him, sir?” one of the guards questioned then.

“Err, take him to a cell, and make him talk one way or another” the next prime minister determined.

“What a fool! Who ever said you were their master at all?” the proud bird made a weird revelation. “I’m not scared of a pathetic wretch who foolishly thought that he had even a slight chance to kill this puppet of mine in my presence. Now be quick and behead him right where my other servants can see him die miserably!”

“Now I’ve come to realize how merciful you’ve been with your servitor” the so called leader of the nation confessed out of the blue.

“I’m the real deal here, it just happened you’re a slowpoke and preferred to ignore me the whole time, you know” the raven told him with a eerie tone. “Or else you’d have opened the window for me and serve me some fresh meat like eyeballs. Damn it! I love eyeballs for sure!”

“That’s not… true, I just couldn’t believe that-” the man answered before being interrupted.

“Cut the crap right away or I’ll peck you in your eye right here, right now!” the black bird commanded out of rage. “Darn idiot! How dare you enrage me like this with your petty excuses?”

“Perhaps we’d bring you the spy’s eyeballs as an offering…” the prime minister suggested.

“Don’t ever insult me ever again, you bloody bastard!” the raven yelled waving his wings furiously.

“Pardon me for not being wise enough as to come up with better ideas, it’s just that my mind can’t handle all of this pressure” the servant uttered.

“Obviously, my dear puppet! It’s your feathered benefactor here the only one ever capable of making you rise to a position of great power and everlasting glory!” the animal boasted of his amazing gifts.

The desperate Mr. Higgins realized he was screwed and bowed to the raven after a few moments. It was then that their dark pact was confirmed. From that moment on, he should simply follow the raven’s orders to the letter. And yes, the damned politician should also let him speak on his behalf if deemed necessary.

“Don’t feel bad about this, my petty servant!” the master tried to comfort him a little bit. “The time will come when you’ll be able to see me face to face, but first you got to convince the other nine knights of mine of the need to revive the Round Table once again.”

“When will that day come, my dark lord?” a surprised Higgins wanted to find out.

“The prince of Wales has announced my existence” the raven explained. “It took place during the climate conference as per my request, now all of the world leaders should be fully aware of the fact that I’m serious this time and ready to assume the global leadership this world has been secretly asking for since the days of my predecessor Nimrod.”

No matter how talkative the animal was, the future prime minister was still confused about his role in the future world. What would he get from all of it? Was a plethora of power and riches waiting for him anywhere as he had always dreamed about for decades as a political activist?

“Didn’t I tell you that you had to stop thinking such nonsense? Did I?” his evil lord rebuked him. “Now listen to me very carefully, silly boy. Make sure all of my ten servants get ready to give all of their power and strength to your beloved master at the next United Nations general assembly.”

“Yes, my dark lord! Your bidding will be done in no time, I can guarantee!” his knight promised.

“So be it! Yet, be careful, my friend” the raven warned him. “For I’m failure intolerant, if you know what I mean by that.”

“Of course I do, my master! It’s crystal clear” the scared prime minister responded.

Not long after his visitor had left the building, the power supply had returned to the whole building. There was no trace of thunderbolts around as if the winged animal had made them disappear at will. Mr. Higgins was convinced of his need to get all of the knights ready to receive their dark lord at the next assembly with all the power and glory he claimed that he had always deserved since time immemorial.

The End? Confused
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