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Sci-Fi Pack by Jackson Miera of

[Image: scifi4-46-1664076252.jpg]   [Image: scifi3-96-1664076252.jpg]

I had to go ahead and drop some info about a great artist for Smile Game Builder and RPG Developer Bakin, Jackson Miera, who has greated several modular sets for those engine. 

Sci-Fi City takes a more Bladerunner take on a sci-fi RPG with different effects. 

SCI-FI City (

RE: - JayRay - 02-19-2023

update: has ended his projects, and is selling all of his IP  (assets, copyrights, and all other material to another company. 

[Image: image.png]

This means that anyone who didn't purchase the commercial license beforehand will probably be gouged by another company for a higher-priced license.