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A ROLL OF THE DIE - DerVVulfman - 07-14-2022

Trust me guys, I didn't come up with this.
I got this from a youtube video recounting pen-n-paper RPG stories.
Unfortunately, no names were attributed.


There was this one tournament I was involved in wherein the DM, ahead of time, asked me to help him instill a sense of dread and paranoia within the party to enhance the mood of the adventure. All communication between players and the DM was done by passing notes unless the party member in question was giving information to the party.

I was a rogue of questionable alignment. All during the game I kept passing the same note to the DM, who would laugh evilly and pass the note back and roll a die. After a while, the various party members kept watching me, thinking that I was going to betray them or steal from them or something, until one of the players pounded the table and demanded "WTF is he up to?".

The note I kept passing the DM simply said "Look at a random player and roll a die." It did the trick.