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KBareHandsLotto - kyonides - 09-02-2021


by Kyonides Arkanthes


Do you recall a script called KBareHands XP? Thinking

Grinning Of course you do! It is the very same script that allows you to alter a Orson hero's ATK, PDEF and MDEF in a unique way.
Well, now it has got a brand new custom menu to make it easy to change a hero's preferred stat in game. Gamer

Customizing the GUI is optional for it seems its a good looking one. Even so you can do that if you modify the values of the Constants found in the KBareHands::Picture and KBareHands::Stat modules.

The Script Call

$scene =

The Screenshots

4 Snapshots

Terms & Conditions

Free for use in non commercial games. Laughing 
This script hates the crazy new world order. Winking
Include me in your game credits! Happy with a sweat
Do not repost this script anywhere else! Angry