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KPockets Daphne - kyonides - 08-27-2021

KPockets Daphne

by Kyonides Arkanthes


There was some user better known as Daphne Lijffijt that had once posted a request for a very specific limited inventory for VX Ace.

So far most things work just as expected, except for a curious detail: the user never told me what would happen right after the user had pressed Gamer the OK Button. Laughing
Now it does allow the player to consume items or call common events as you would usually do. Grinning

There is a single script call but it is optional so you might not need to ever care about that. Winking

It now features the use of a few tags that you can leave in an item's note box. Book

Besides you can now open the actual Book documents or notes you might have found so far.

Keep in mind that the demo includes a mystery to be solved by Grant, its lead character. Confused

The Screenshots


Terms & Conditions

Feel free to use it in any non commercial games. Grinning
Don't complain about it or I'll think you're an Aluxes or Eric hater! Laughing
Include me in your game credits! Winking
Do not repost it anywhere else! Angry

RE: KPockets Daphne - kyonides - 08-27-2021

A Pickpocket's Update

Laughing Fine, there's no pickpocket around here. It just happens that I have updated KPockets Daphne after implementing the OK button functions usually available in a typical ACE game. Yet, that's not completely true for I had also included some weird features commonly found in Containment Breach like preventing you from stacking stuff like cards or keys. In Daphne's project she would only let you hoard coins, pencils and red marbles!? Huh?

Obviously, you can customize it at any given time! Grinning

You only need to leave a specific tag in the item's note box:


And it will let you become a true hoarder! Laughing

Tongue sticking out Don't worry! My script will let you know how many pencils you've got. Winking

Now you can also open documents!
Just leave another custom tag in the note box:

<open doc!>

Since a single document item type might be equal to n number of actual pictures representing the papers, you will need to use a script call before you can call the Change Items event command.

add_pocket_docs("sample doc", etc.)

List as many "docs" as necessary.


By the way, there was a bug that did not update the documents properly, keeping them forever till you had deleted all of them in a single session. This has been fixed since version 0.14.0.

Haven't you ever noticed how easily you could become a  Thief thief in games like Breath of Fire series? Thinking

RE: KPockets Daphne - kyonides - 08-28-2021

Stacking Updates!

Happy with a sweat Well, that was the only title I could think off right now. Laughing

What I wanted to tell you is that demo version 0.15.0 includes several fixes and a couple of improvements.

Now it will correctly discard items no matter if they are documents or keys, etc. Confused I had to modify the corresponding check for documents are treated as unique entities while keys and coins and pencils aren't so far. Happy with a sweat

The creation of dossiers has been born! Spy Nope, please don't call me Steele.

Sad Sadly, there is only a check that verifies if there is a clipboard in your inventory. This means it will only let you discard the document for the time being. Laughing

There is a small indicator on top of the icon telling you how many pencils you've got. Winking

So will your character ever escape the containment facility? Thinking

RE: KPockets Daphne - kyonides - 08-29-2021

There Are Clipboards Everywhere!

[Image: laughing.gif] Obviously, that is an exaggeration but it served a purpose, to let you know that the clipboard feature of my script has been fully implemented. [Image: wink.gif] Now you can stockpile documents or papers or notes there.

It is useful because you get 10 new slots just for documents! [Image: thumbs.gif]

Version 1.0.3 brings you a few changes in how the menu works. Now you cannot save your game by just selecting a pencil.
Thank Daphne for that. Sarcasm + Confused She forgot to mention how that was supposed to work. So from now on you are supposed to save it via the Change Items and Open Save Menu commands or by creating a common event that does the same. Serious

Right, I forgot to mention that the pencil will break after a single save... Sarcasm

Happy with a sweat It also includes some minor bug fixes.

Unless there is any bug report, I consider I have finished working on this script. [Image: grin.gif]

[Image: confused.gif] Don't ask me if that is exactly how the clipboard function works in ye old Containment Breach game for I have never [Image: gamer.gif] played it. [Image: laughing.gif]

RE: KPockets Daphne - kyonides - 08-30-2021

Now Launching the XP Port!

After dealing with VX Ace I decided that some people might prefer to get the script for RMXP so guess what I did? Happy with a sweat

Instructions for XP

# * Instructions * #

# - Copy and paste the script in the script editor.
# - Place a backdrop in the Graphics/Titles directory.
# - Set the value of the BACKDROP Constant to the corresponding file name.
# - Set the values of the other constants found in the KPocketsDaphne module.
# - Press any arrow to move the cursor around.

# * Script Calls * #

# You call it whenever you are about to add new documents aka papers.
# Include as many "docs" as necessary. Then use the Change Items event command.

# add_pocket_docs("sample doc", etc.)

# * Optional * #

# You only need it if you want an event to open it for you.
# The default Scene_Menu script will open it automatically.

# $scene =

You may also need to add as many item IDs to the following Constants:


I do think their names are pretty descriptive.

Place graphics like icons in the Graphics/Icons directory and pictures like the cursor, the slot and fake documents in the Graphics/Pictures folder.


You can find more screenshots on the first post. Winking