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Forum BBCode Update and Fix - DerVVulfman - 06-11-2021

Dear Friends,

For some time, we had issues with some of our forum's multimedia bbcode.  The youtube bbcode which allowed you to embed a video with a custom size had died. This due to some nuances changed in the forum architecture.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

However, this has been solved.  The old
Example Code: [noparse][/noparse]
Formerly:       [noparse] https://www.yο [/noparse]

However I did not stop there.

For those who like music, the forum now allows you to use our new custom [noparse]
Example BBCode: [noparse][/noparse]

To the users of the old
[noparse][Audio][/noparse] plugin, the posts that used it and became broken, fret no longer. While it may not allow embedding of automatic play, it will at least function as before and as default embedding allows. Unfortunately, there is no support as yet for soundimage other than by direct embedding as I've shown within Eric Matyas's creative audio topic.

Whee!!! New Text options!
And for those that like a good read, there is now a custom [noparse][Marquee][/noparse] sidescrolling text option, and now the ability to add custom [noparse]

[/noparse] text, with or without shaded color.

How do ya like it now?

[noparse][Shadow=green]How do ya like it now?



RE: Forum BBCode Update and Fix - MetalRenard - 06-14-2021

Thank you for the undying dedication you have to this place we call home. ^_^

RE: Forum BBCode Update and Fix - DerVVulfman - 06-15-2021

I was thinking of a lupine's music collection Winking