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News of the World - kyonides - 08-28-2019

Here, you can discuss and post world news articles you find.  I sure am.

Since I haven't posted such a thing on purpose, I will say they created this topic after I overloaded What's on your mind with all kinds of curious or strange or scandalous news I've collected for quite some time.

Nope, this isn't some kind of wayback machine of sorts. Laughing + Tongue sticking out

News of the World - kyonides - 08-28-2019
It seems some German NGO is after reforesting my country for some weird reason. O_o?
The president of Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS) or our version of public social care and retirements has been accused of committing several crimes against Hacienda (our IRS) and our supreme court and Costa Rica itself. He negotiated a deal with the hospital employees that is against all public interests. Really, he should be arrested right away but being a politician makes it hard for him to be punished in a timely fashion.

By the way, I found out that a funeral parlor and cemetery company has been reporting a relative of mine as a debtor since November 2018!! It's a huge lie! We have found all payments made at the local bank that did register all of them since November, actually since 2009. I always thought that reporting payments via Whatsapp was weird indeed and this kind of events proved my point. I helped my relative send all pertinent documentation to prove it. Now it's up to them to show their true colors... Confused

News of the World - KDC - 08-28-2019

(08-28-2019, 02:05 AM)kyonides Wrote:
It seems some German NGO is after reforesting my country for some weird reason. O_o?

I'm gonna guess that is possibly an action after some German NGO seen the news about the fires going on at the Amazon Rain Forest.

News of the World - kyonides - 09-03-2019
Just in case you wouldn't believe me our legal system sucks. Unless they turn themselves in they wouldn't have arrested those crooks in a timely fashion. =_=
And about 4 years later, politicians haven't come up with any decent law to pass and finally solve the taxi drivers' crisis that began when Uber and similar companies arrived at Costa Rica... Confused

News of the World - kyonides - 09-05-2019
Once again Huawei seems to be one of the most irresponsible telecoms in history. They have been warned about a serious vulnerability that might affect its phones and they just replied back telling experts that they would deal with it in the most recent versions of their popular models. O_o? So what about the rest of their customers? Do they need to live fearing they might get attacked at any time? Or are they hoping the issue will disappear magically just because? =_= Seriously, how can they claim in countries like Costa Rica that they are the best choice for mobile telephones and tablets? Especially when they leave their customers on their own when a serious threat shows up...

News of the World - DerVVulfman - 09-06-2019


News of the World - kyonides - 10-26-2019
So now strikes won't make public servants get a bit richer than usual for doing pretty much nothing. It really took them a long time to correct this deplorable situation. Even so I can't guarantee that strikers won't try to force authorities to change their minds in the near future. Confused

News of the World - kyonides - 10-27-2019

Do you recall the news article I had posted some time ago that wulfo skipped in a previous edition of the Weekly Gazette? I'm talking about the owner and vice president of a Costa Rican soccer team... He was the owner...
A year before he was shot in his head but survived the incident...
Perhaps you should pay a visit to that volcano before it disappears... Laughing + Tongue sticking out

News of the World - kyonides - 10-29-2019
Now they wanna turn electricity bills into some sort of prepaid phone service!? Confused I know I'm exaggerating a little bit here but still...
Now Americans stopped loving pumpkins!? O_o?

News of the World - kyonides - 10-31-2019
So even kids' parties are dangerous down there in Mexico!? O_o?

Just in case you're bored of bad news, here's something about nature!