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RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - DerVVulfman - 12-02-2019

To prove your point to the masses, you would need to have one available to Windows users. How far along are you with providing a stack-error fixing version for the Windows OS?

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-03-2019

Introducing the Hidden FileInt Class

I gotta admit I didn't come up with such a hidden class, it was provided by mkxp from the very moment I copied its source code to start editing it at will. For my liking, the Ruby method File.exist?('some filename with or without extension') was quite insufficient for it didn't search for anything but uncompressed files, mainly .txt or .rb scripts. This addition allows you to use FileInt.exist? the way you would have used File.exist? but for ANY kind of file.

I mean, you can look for simple files or even compressed ones! Shocked
You don't need to add an extension if it's a PNG or JPG or BMP file!

File#exist? has not been modified.

Yeah, the downside is that it's only available for Linux binaries, but you can grab its source code as well. Laughing + Tongue sticking out  

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-05-2019

Colors Seem to be Wrong...

[Image: hiddenchest01.jpg][Image: hiddenchest02.jpg]

Nah! Laughing Colors are fine! Grinning It just happens that now you can invert an image's colors in real time! Shocked 

Use methods like...

@sprite.invert_colors = true

And you'll see how all white pixels get black and vice versa. The same is valid for any other color! Blue turns into yellow and so on! Shocked 


The line of code you can see above will let you find out if you've already inverted its colors.

Fixed an unnoticed issue whenever you entered a menu or scene where you used Sprite's turn_sepia or gray_out methods.
By the way, they now use the = assignment operator instead of () parentheses.

Yeah, the downside is that it's only available for Linux binaries, but you can grab its source code as well. Laughing + Tongue sticking out

I've also translated the file into Spanish so all of you native Spanish speakers can now open the file to find out all you wanna know about my HiddenChest GitHub project!

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-06-2019

Good News for Every RGSS Based Game Developer!

After discussing some serious issues that preventing me from provided up to date binaries for almost everyone on this board I can finally tell you... Confused

I have uploaded new binary executables for both Linux AND Windows recently! Shocked

This version doesn't really offer new features but it does fix a minor bug that was preventing Sprite's bitmaps from getting display on screen. I do seriously advice all of you to get the latest builds of your favorite HiddenChest engine! Laughing

On both platforms HiddenChest now run based on Ruby 2.6.5! Grinning

This means all of Ruby's security updates had been automatically included!

Windows users need to download the ZIP file containing all of the DLLs...

Happy Turkey Hunting Season! Laughing

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-07-2019

Not Exactly Looking After an Explorer's Fedora Hat...

I came back just to let you know that my HiddenChest engine could also be compiled on Fedora 31! Yes, it's another Linux distribution! This means HiddenChest is available on Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Fedora 31! Oh right, it's still available for Windows users as well. Laughing + Tongue sticking out 

I'm wondering if there are any suggestions, guys... Confused I'd like to include more curious features this month if possible...

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-09-2019

Settings Needed Some Kind of a Makeover

Settings Module Latest Features
  • snapshot_dir and snapshot_filename define the directory and base name of your screenshots.
  • save_dir and save_filename define the directory and base name of your saved games.
  • auto_create_dirs lets you create directories whenever you do not want to use any of the default paths.
Take in consideration that this module already allows you to set the default image_format for your screenshots. Laughing

You can also create an entry in the Game.ini file called Version=0.0.0 or any other version and HiddenChest will read it and set it as the game's current version, accessible via script call using Game::VERSION. (The default version is 1.0.0 if none had been found there.)

By the way, Game::TITLE stores the corresponding name found in that INI file.

This way you only set their values once and the game will remember them! Grinning

The latest binary builds for Windows, *Ubuntu and Fedora have build uploaded to box and mediafire already!

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-10-2019

Here Comes a Minor But Useful Update!

This time I didn't add a lot of features to my HiddenChest engine but, there's always a but, I've included two new methods in the Input module.
  • Input.press_all?
  • Input.trigger_any?
Both methods accept either a list of arguments or an array, i.e. (1,2,3,4) or (ARRAY) or ([:C, :SHIFT])

Yes, guys! Grinning Now all versions of RGSS accept :symbols in Input methods as parameters! Shocked 

Actually that was the easiest part of all. Laughing I just removed some limitations found in the original code. Laughing + Tongue sticking out

Ubuntu and Windows binaries have been uploaded to all three web hosting sites!

Happy Minimal Typing! Laughing

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-11-2019

Major Need to Update Your HiddenChest Binaries

I recently noticed while building the Fedora binaries of my engine that even if the F12 Reset bug was gone for good Grinning I might have introduced a new bug. Sad It prevented you from exiting the game if you had ever pressed the F12 button Happy with a sweat nothing strange would happen at all if you never did. Laughing That's the main reason why I urge you to download the latest builds, version 1.1.40, to make sure you won't get involved in a gamer's nightmare! Shocked 

Indifferent I know, Wulfo, you'll need to download it for the nth time. Laughing 

Use the following line of code to check if you got the right version.


If it says "1.1.40", then you and your game projects are safe! Laughing + Tongue sticking out

Happy Loop Eternal a la Doctor Timey Wimey! Laughing

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - Kain Nobel - 12-11-2019

Does mkxp or HiddenChest support any type of movie playback?

Do either of them handle changes to the Tilemap with different resolutions or is that outside the scope of what mkxp/HiddenChest do? I've used 3rd party tile map scripts before but I always run into problems. My battle and menu have already been designed @ 800x600 resolution but my map remains 640x480 until I get a Tilemap to work correctly without bugs or performance slowdown.

RE: HiddenChest RGSS Player Executable - kyonides - 12-11-2019

List of Answers
  • Nope, there's no movie playback support. I'm a newbie in that department. Sad 
  • The tilemap gets proper support no matter what resolution you set in HiddenChest while its parent project mkxp offers no such thing at all. Just use the map fixes script I've provided and it will run smoothly as far as a couple of well known local forumers already know. (Includes XP and VX ports, VX Ace didn't need one.)
  • Recent versions of Ruby like 2.6.5 can handle a lot more events per map. Just go ask Melana how many chicken events she created in a large test map. Laughing