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RE: GiveAway XP - lestat3179 - 07-03-2017

It basically divided all npcs into classes/factions, as well as providing a dating sim like/hate function as well. Before I forget, let me apologize for the derail.

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 07-03-2017

Would you please donate anything to a poor Bump?

Hey guys! I'm here to let you know that Mangostan version of my script adds a new feature, the possibility of donating stuff to ingame charity institutions or poor guys you might never meet in your whole ingame life. (I know, that could also let scammers take advantage of naive heroes wandering around

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 07-05-2017

I'm just here to tell you something about my script and its newest demo, Mangostan version has been updated to fix some minor bugs so I'd recommend you to download it again to stay uptodate and avoid getting headaches in the near future.

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 12-27-2017

Beware the Bump because it's been watching over you!

GiveAway XP Tamarind Version is already available, and it brings the possibility to set a list of dubious merchandise a player might give away. This would mean a switch could be turned on and let people like the police come after your heroes to arrest them (if you event that on your own of course). It could also let you force all neighbors (NPC's) surround the heroes or make thugs come after you because you've found the legendary jade dragon gemstone their signore have been looking for. There's a difference with the option available in LoanSharks, here you can also include a reason for the arrest or people's anger like "being a fugitive" or "bothering their local starlet" and use a preset variable to include it in any text message by typing something like \v[11] in the message box.