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GiveAway XP VX ACE - kyonides - 06-26-2017

GiveAway XP & VX & ACE
Kiwi & Mango & Maracuya & Mangostan & Tamarind Versions

by Kyonides-Arkanthos


This script lets you hand over pretty much anything you've got hidden in your slick pockets to any NPC or mailbox you may find in your roleplaying adventures. Yes, it's possible, it can be all items, weapons and armors or just some of them or items or weapons or armors only.

It's not a plug & play script since it needs some proper setup in-game, but it's easy to learn how to use it properly. You can even check if the NPC has received any amount of "gifts" from the player so he or she or it can react accordingly.

Don't forget to check on the demo events to see how you can use the comments to setup the items or weapons or armors the NPC would ever like to get from the player.

On the first hand Kiwi version is exclusively available for those that temporarily want to track the NPC's happiness levels (or whatever you wanna call that), on the other hand Mango version keeps track of them permanently. Since Maracuya version you can make an NPC happy or piss him or her off. Mangostan adds a new feature, the possibility of donating stuff to ingame charity institutions or poor guys you might never meet in your whole ingame life. (I know, that could also let scammers take advantage of naive heroes wandering around clueless...) After publishing Tamarind you're able to send alerts for robbery or giving away stolen goods or pissing off people you should not have talked to. That will activate a switch that might let you make an event like making a cop show up to arrest the heroes for some serious questioning. There's a difference with the option available in LoanSharks, here you can also include a reason for the arrest or people's anger like "being a fugitive" or "bothering their local starlet" and use a preset variable to include it in any text message by typing something like \v[11] in the message box.


Just Download it from...
[center]Mega (uptodate!)

[center]Mediafire (outdated!)[/size]

Terms & Conditions

Give some proper credit to me, its creator, for use in non commercial game projects. Contact me first if you need it for a commercial game.

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 06-27-2017

Too lazy to come out with a good phrase for a simple BUMP

I just updated my GiveAway XP script once again, letting you pick between two versions of it, namely Kiwi and Mango. There's only one vital difference between them, but it was considered important by lestat3179 as he stated on a comment regarding some dating sim kind of games... (Did I ever tell you how much I ended up hating Harvest Moon? Nope?)

RE: GiveAway XP - lestat3179 - 06-27-2017

Wait, what? Under no circumstances is anything that comes out of my mouth to be taken seriously. Unless I preface the comment with NSFW. Then it should probably be completely ignored. lol

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 06-28-2017

Come on! You all knew this BUMP would come sooner or later

I updated my GiveAway XP Mango script to fix and finish the help window behavior code and to include a new featurette, the ability to set a limit to the number of gifts any NPC may receive from the player during gameplay. It's almost permanent unless you set a higher limit on another event page for any reason you may have. Once you reach the limit the help window will tell you about it and the script won't let you give away anything else.

@lestat3179 : The thing is that it is a valid reason or way to use my script.

RE: GiveAway XP - lestat3179 - 06-28-2017

I hear ya about Harvest Moon, by the by. Still haven't figured out how stuffing a woman full of cakes would make her pregnant instead of simply overweight. lol

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 07-01-2017

Bumping is addictive I guess...

Once again I have updated my GiveAway XP script to include a new feature, the friendship level. Now NPC's might become your friends or foes and react accordingly depending on what kind of gifts you offer them or what things you tell them. Gifts can be either a good way to soften their cold hearts or the fastest way to get to hell in no time after they kick your butt for good.

RE: GiveAway XP - lestat3179 - 07-02-2017

I should dig up that old personality script system I found years ago and have you see if you can make heads, tails, or a working script out of it. At any rate, you might find it interesting. I'll send it along once I find it.

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 07-03-2017

Well, you're now talking about a personality or affinity or fame script, but I've been working on a private or personal relationship with NPC's only. The first would be considered more heroic than the latter which is quite friendly, personal, individualistic so to say. My script would only let you aim to gain a merchant's favor rather than taking over the world or saving it because your hero is famous...

RE: GiveAway XP - lestat3179 - 07-03-2017

The script I'm thinking of was supposed to be for NPC behaviour/relationships. I found it years ago, but could never get it working. Actually, if my grasp of the math involved is correct, then the script I found was fatally flawed.

RE: GiveAway XP - kyonides - 07-03-2017

Off Topic for sure...

Was it NPC specific? Or could it also globally affect people's (all NPC's) opinion on your heroes? If it's the latter, then I'd be right about my description of it and how my script does not pretend to affect the heroes' world at all but just few NPC's or events like mailboxes or locks.