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Stupid News Media Links go 404 ? - DerVVulfman - 02-22-2017

Ladies and gentlemen, this can cause problems.

Now first, I was a bit flummoxed when I found a news article at the Washington Times that... well, made me think to tell people to get out of Washington State.   A college there, according to the Times, states that proper English is actually racist.  And one of the quotes from the piece read "The University of Washington, Tacoma’s Writing Center now instructs students that expecting proper grammar from others perpetuates racism and “unjust language structures.”

So, while within our IRC chatroom, I presented the link:

Now please note the URL.  See the minus sign before the backslash?  Your browser may 'not' translate that properly.  But what do I mean by that?

While I talked to members within, JayRay clicked and found the article went invisible and no longer available.  I was flabbergasted.  I only found the article and had it up for two minutes before it appeared to have been suddenly removed.  His screenshot below in the spoiler:
Content Hidden

Now, does this mean the article never existed?  Well, Bounty Hunter Lani used a different browser, and was able to screencap it for us, showing off the below image, again in another spoiler:
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And I managed to get a screencap of the article itself.  LUCKY!  I had it up still!
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This is unreal.  *sigh* Browsers and links MATTER! This certainly made me first think that someone pulled the article until Lani revealed the truth.

............. But seriously, what the heck Washington College? Confused