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KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 11-12-2016

KChest XP VX & ACE 2016
version 1.0.2 or 1.4.56

by Kyonides-Arkanthos


This is just another Treasure Chest script for RMXP, RMVX and RMVX Ace. Some of you people might have noticed I had published a similar script long time ago, back in 2012 or so, but this time I'm posting a revamped version that also lets you store gold as an item in your chests. Weird, huh?


Just check my comments on my script plus keep in mind that Kiwi version is the step by step version of my script, while Maracuyá version is an extremely simplified version.



[Image: RAC5bCR.png]
[Image: tNkQoxX.png]

Terms & Conditions

Free to use in any non commercial game if given proper credit, contact me first if you need it for a commercial game.
Give me a free copy of your completed game if you include at least 2 of my scripts! Laughing + Tongue sticking out

RE: KChest XP 2016 - kyonides - 11-12-2016

The Chest Wanna Bump All Night Long!

Since version 1.0.2 of my script KChest XP Maracuyá version you're now able to snatch stuff from the chest or deposit stuff there with ease, it will also tell you how much gold you can deposit in a single slot. By the way, there is a brand new dynamic warning or sign at the bottom left part of the menu window. I hope you all like all the enhancements the Maracuyá version now offers!

RE: KChest XP VX 2016 - kyonides - 11-13-2016

Aren't you tired of reading all those useless messages about the Bump?

Anyway I'm posting once again to let you all know that my script now has been ported to RMVX already. Yeah, I know, it's not people's favorite RPG Maker of all times, but it's still available for those four cats (not DerV's but probably Pawsie Lynn the alley kitten I guess) that might be interested in such a thing. I'm quite unsure if I'll ever port it to VX Ace, that might depend on how a big fan of headaches I might be after all.

RE: KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 07-05-2019

A BUMP'ING Version that Only Showed up Here Because of a Stubborn Requester

After a long hiatus, a new version of KChest XP (the stand alone version) has finally arrived. It is nicknamed Patient Version for a good reason, guys. Laughing + Tongue sticking out You can find it as a ZIP file that includes the term Patient in its actual file name. Laughing In case you want to use Chest Codes, you are going to need the chest chodes.txt template then. Happy with a sweat By the way, the Patient version already includes a recent? version of KommandSprite plus some extras that are located right below it. Believe me when I tell you that they are badly needed, otherwise get ready for hours of headaches and desperation! Laughing

RE: KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 07-07-2019

[BUMP'ing Trumpets] Another Update Has Arrived and Includes a Few Fixes!

Well, I have received a report concerning a malfunction of the KommandSprite window where you can deposit or withdraw money from your chest when you're not supposed to do that. In this new version that was fixed for sure! Shocked Now you can trust your chest! Laughing Sadly, I'd preferred to offer treacherous chest as well Laughing + Tongue sticking out but I guess people wouldn't like that. Sad

RE: KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 07-11-2019

BUMP Eats Bugs!

I had received a bug report telling me there was a way to get a double gold slot in my script, which should never happen. It's not that easy to figure it out since most users won't resetup the chest every so often. Even so I applied a fix to reduce that possibility as much as possible. If there are any issues after publishing this fix, let me know about them. I'd prefer to get a PM if it's ever possible.

RE: KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 07-12-2019

Bugs Were Smashed and Changes Have Been Included in Version 1.4.47

The latest version of KChest XP Mangonstan Patient Version, a stand alone script plus its parser and no Kustom pack included, have been updated once again! Shocked Tell me you didn't expect this to happen! Laughing Fine, you are used to watch me post lots of updates.

What has changed so this time?

The graphics now should include the respective screen resolution, i.e. skyblue ribbon640 or half chest bottom640 or half leather bag640.

The script obviously lets you use it no matter what resolution you might have among those that HiddenChest has traditionally offered.

You can easily customize the Input Number Window so if you just want to let the player enter, I don't know, 4 digit numbers, they won't get past that. Of course, you can also set its upper limit to... 9 or so.

The chest now tells you something funny if there is no money left there! Laughing
New scripting methods for game developers that are proficient in scripting. Sorry Silly! Laughing + Tongue sticking out

A few minor bug fixes I had to kill with some spray products. Laughing

See ya next time! Happy Game Testing! Laughing

RE: KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 07-15-2019

Version 1.4.50 Has Been Released!

It mainly solves an issue with the equipment stuff if you include the Scene_Equip patch as well. Happy with a sweat You won't need the patch if you use a custom equip scene as far as I know. Laughing

RE: KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 07-28-2019

I'm just here to let you know I've have updated this XP version of this script a couple of times lately. In case you didn't notice that, then go now and download the latest version! Laughing Keep in mind I won't give support to old versions since their fixes might have been included in the recent version of KChest XP Mangostan Patient Version.

RE: KChest XP VX & ACE 2016 - kyonides - 09-27-2019

Guess what, guys? I have updated my script once again! Laughing 

This time I've included a small window below the items or hidden items window that will show you some of the current item's features like price or attack power or evasion plus other stuff like STR or INT and so on. If there's nothing to report it will say there is no information available.

You might know it can be enabled or disabled if you set the @show_item_info to true or false respectively. If disabled, the items window will as large as they were in previous versions of my script. Even so you can enable or disable it via script call with KChests.show_item_info = true or false (only one option at a time! Angry ).