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Faith in Feathers - Starmage - 06-13-2016

[Image: b638WaM.png]
Play as the Archangels assigned by the Omni-potent to save a dying soul and battle your way through the purgatory in this short dungeon crawler-based RPG.
(WARNING: Contains light-hearted religious themes..)

[Image: Q3fLXiR.png]
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[Image: XL2HNbl.png]

Short Notice:
You can use the fountain at Heaven to fully recover your party! :)


- Fully features music from the very beautiful "RMN Music Pack"!
- Addicting and Fun Fast-paced RTAB battle system with an enjoyable camera-work!
- A fun-filled short that allows you to explore many different dimensions, each having their own unique challenges, monsters and bosses to overcome!
- Extremely fun and powerful characters to play as!
- Mind stimulating battles to enjoy and strategize!
- Dynamic and Challenging boss fights!
- It is short, fun and simple!



- Gozaru
- Sithjester
- Iceaxe
- Luthur, Fox5, Ccoa,
- Cyanyurikago

Music (The beautiful RMN Music Pack!)

Mc Tricky
 - "Royalty of Sin"
 - "Composed Malevolence"
 - "Valiance"
 - "Resonance Hopes Ignited Wills"
 - "Hamlet"
 - "Center of the Galaxy"
 - "Peaceful Moment"
 - "Mellow Darkness"
 - "Tranquil Town"
 - "Caverns"
 - "The Ritual"
 - "Poem for the different future"
 - "Peaceful soul"
 - "Circle of Light"
 - "Desert Crossing"
 - "Puzzles"
 - "Run"
 - "Cool Island Breeze"


- Cogwheel
- DerVVulfman
- Ccoa
- Fukuyama
- Near Fantastica

Special Thanks:

- Enterbrain

Further Notes:

This is officially my 3rd game in RPG makng!! And I'm very happy to be able to complete it within a week's time. Thank you God for all these fun possibilities and for all the people and their beautiful works involved in making this game possible! I sure hope that you all enjoy this game as I did making it!! :)

RE: Faith in Feathers - Starmage - 03-15-2023

Hello everyone! Here's a new poster for Faith in Feathers! An RMXP game I made based on Archangels and the faith of a little boy! With the help of Leonardo A.I. art generator, photoshopped + put together by me! Hope you like it! ^_^ <3

You may get the original large image here:
[Image: b638WaM.png]