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RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-15-2016

A Not So Hidden Bump!

Well, this time I update this script only because Melana said there was another unusual situation where you might need to toggle names and icons at will. After breaking my head trying to figure out a way to make it work even if you open a menu or the player is transferred to another map and dozens of code changes I finally announce that KEvents XP has reached version 0.6.0.

To show all Event Names and Icons: KEvents.show_names_icons
To hide them all: KEvents.hide_names_icons

To figure out why Melana is the only one realizing there are special circumstances where the script needs to get improved: No idea, buddy, just go ask her via pm! :-)

I can't make up my mind, yet. I could also offer this new version for a limited time only... It could be fun to find out who could get it in time and who didn't.

RE: KEvents XP - Bounty Hunter Lani - 03-15-2016

Not diggin' the limited time stuff, wouldn't be fair for people who come looking for your amazing scripts after your limited time window. 
Just my thoughts. 

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 03-15-2016

Thank you for the bump. :)

But unfortunately the names and icons are always not visible and when I try one of the commands


this error comes up:

[Image: fehlertp73jnsdw8.png]

Demo works fine, it just happens in my game.

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-15-2016

Regarding the first issue: If it works on the demo but not on your game project that could mean you included a script that modifies any of the methods I might have altered in other to make my script work properly. I would need to check what scripts are included in order to figure out what they might have changed so far.

About the second issue: The line says: name = names[0] meaning there should be some Event Name but it didn't find it. Perhaps you didn't notice that the comment you need to leave there changed from Name to Name: and optionally the full Event Name unless you want to leave it empty to force the script to use the name on the Name box on the upper left hand side of the Event Command window instead. It IS mentioned in the examples I provided with my script but I guess you got used to the old method and didn't update that part, yet. If that was not your case, feel free to provide more information about this issue of yours.

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 03-15-2016

I got it now.
That error appears if there is any other event with a different comment on the same map.

I tested it on a map only with events which have comments from KEvents and there everything works fine. Also the text and icons appear when I use the command once.
But on other maps with other commented events it crashes.

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-15-2016

Don't Even Think This Is A Bump!

OK, it is an actual bump, one that feels embarrassed by the fact this bug could have been caused by version 0.6.0. Anyway, guys, this timid bump wants to let you all know that a new version, 0.6.1, has finally arrived. Thank Melana for (un)luckily finding all these bugs she has been reporting lately.

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 03-16-2016

Now it works fine.

Thank you. :)

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 08-03-2017

Yes, this is a BUMP!

I updated this script as a way to try to make it look better whenever you want to make small text show on screen without getting garbled, I also let people place icons closer to the event or NPC if there's no name tag to be displayed, i.e. no Shady Merchant tag. Now it's possible to make icons that were called via script call get redrawn after leaving and later returning to the map scene if deemed necessary. Obviously they can be disposed as always.