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RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-08-2016

The Weird Bump Is Back!

This time I updated my script (once again) to bring you more icons to show on screen, these icons are the Broken Heart, Love, Angry and Cool. OK, I don't even know if you're ever going to need them but who knows? They might become handy under certain (but weird) circumstances...

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 03-08-2016

The names and icons doesn't appear when loading a savegame. I have to re-enter the map to let them show up.

Oh, and when I restart the game by F12 there comes this error when loading a savegame:

[Image: bugez3p912bla.png]

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-08-2016

Well, if that happens when you press F12 then it means you're just another victim of the infamous F12 bug. I think somebody already posted a possible bug fix.

I didn't know about the saved games so I gotta check that later on to see if I find a way to refresh the events properly.

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-08-2016

Another Obvious Bump

Did you think this script is like any of those terrible villains that return even after they were defeated once or twice by their foes? Well, you were right then, my script returned from the ashes to tell that bug "it's not over, yet" in its face.

KEvents XP has reached version 0.5.3!!!

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 03-09-2016

I added the F12 fix you've mentioned and now it works.

For the savegame issue I had to add the following line to the scene_load class:

KEvents.refresh = true

In your demo it works without it, but not in my game. Seems to have something to do with some of my other scripts. But I don't know.
I'm just happy that everything runs fine now. :)

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-09-2016

Guess what? Another Bump Has Showed Up!

Version 0.5.5 is already available in both English and Spanish!

I added more options for icons, fixed a bug in the Spanish version and implemented a few modifications to allow you to use either 24*24px or 32*32px icons.
Cat lovers might love to know there is a cat involved in this version of the demo.


Just keep in mind the cat is not an icon but a character sprite...

RE: KEvents XP - Bounty Hunter Lani - 03-09-2016

All of these updates make me so happy! Very nice job with the script, kyo! 

I'll try out the new version later, looking forward to future updates  Very happy + Tongue sticking out

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 03-10-2016

I just noticed when teleporting on another spot on the same map with the "Transfere Player" command all event texts disappear.

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 03-10-2016

A Bump That Doesn't Want To Show Its Face

Well, I updated the script once again hoping the bug fix solves Melana's problem even if it's a bit unusual but not impossible to transfer the player to another location on the same map he or she is. Actually I don't even know, yet, why the names and icons should disappear after that local transfer but I guess there won't be a need to worry about that anymore.


I'm sorry I posted an unfinished version so I had to replace the demos. Please download them again to make sure the bug was fixed as expected.

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 03-10-2016

Now it works fine.

I think the script is perfect for now. :)