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KEvents XP - kyonides - 02-25-2016

KEvents XP

by Kyonides-Arkanthos


This scriptlet allows you to show up an NPC's name or even some icon (24*24px) if needed. (OK, I can't guarantee this won't generate some lag if more than 10 or 20 events are displaying these additional sprites.)


11 Font Colors for Name labels
5 different kinds of Icons to choose from
Show an Event Name from the beginning of an Event Page execution
Show or Dispose Icons from the beginning of an Event Page execution or from a certain point in the Event on
Font Size, Font Weight and Italic

Options for Icons (if making use of comments at the top of the Event page)

English Version
New Quest

Spanish Version
Nueva Misión


Take a look at the script, it already includes them but here I leave a set of instructions for you.

Method 1. Show Icon on current event page (temporarily) via Event Comment at the top of the page
Options: 'New Quest', 'Rewards', 'Failure', 'Shop', 'Inn'

Example #1
Comment: Name Bounter Hunter Lani
       : New Quest

Example #2
Comment: Name ARGUS Director, Melana Waller
       : Font Verdana
       : FontSize 16 Italic Bold
       : Failure

Method 2. Show Icon while not activating next event page (temporarily) via Script Call
Options: 'New Quest', 'Rewards', 'Failure', 'Shop', 'Inn'

KEvents.show_icon(Event_ID, 'New Quest')
#=> shows New Quest icon over Lani's head


Available in English and Spanish!
If you want to translate it to another language, just contact me first.

RE: KEvents XP - Melana - 02-25-2016

Okay, the names are working fine.
I just can't figure it out how to use the icons.

I think an example for this would be useful.

It would be cool to have different font sizes, and colors and maybe an italic/bold feature. :)

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 02-25-2016

Just leave a comment on the event like New Quest for a new quest icon or Rewards for quest rewards icon or Failure for a failed mission. I didn't include more options because I didn't think about it at the time I crafted my script.

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 02-29-2016

I've already uploaded a new version of KEvents XP and it's available in English and Spanish. I don't know if anybody needs a translation to any other language or whether or not a scriptlet deserves so much attention.

The new features are different ways to show or dispose icons and more colors for the existing name label feature. I didn't include a bold font type because I found normal weight fonts look kind of awkward even while mimicking the VX Ace outline color feature. Besides I don't think a bigger font size would benefit people at all IMHO.

RE: KEvents XP - Bounty Hunter Lani - 02-29-2016

I found Taco Bell!

[Image: found%20taco%20bell_zpsvgyzty7u.png~original]

Scriptlet works! Nice job  Grinning

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 02-29-2016

Great! Next time don't forget to fetch me a couple of burritos and french fries! Or should I be asking for date syrup or coconut beverages?
BTW you can split the name so it shows up in two different lines or rows.

RE: KEvents XP - Bounty Hunter Lani - 02-29-2016

Every time I complete a battle, I get this error:

[Image: happened_zps96hcwjlc.png]

This only happens on maps that have an event using the script.
I'm not actually planning on having any battles on the maps where I'm using the script, but I'm just doing my part  Happy 

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 02-29-2016

Well, it might happen because you could be using characters as battlers, something I didn't care about while crafting the script, so I guess I should add a preemptive measure just in case.

Bumping now!

New version available in English and Spanish!

RE: KEvents XP - Bounty Hunter Lani - 02-29-2016

It works perfectly now!
Wonderful job!  Blushing + Cheery 

RE: KEvents XP - kyonides - 02-29-2016

To Bump You or To Bump Them, that is the question.

New Versions of KEvents XP and optionally KMessage XP are available now, both in English and Spanish. Just pick the one that best suits your Maker needs.

BTW, there are changes in the way the script works so pay attention to the script comments and observations.