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(RMXP) Autotile Expanded - JayRay - 04-11-2015

Autotiles Expanded!

A unique tool and resource to add tons of autotile-style graphics to your tileset in RMXP.
Here I offer a new way to do autotiles, urged by the limitations of the
RMXP Autotile limitations (7).

Photoshop CS6 Compatible Image and Stand-alone Layers available!

- Create two patterns of 32x32, and fill your foreground layer and your
background layer. I've taken the liberty of adding a few other graphic
details so that you can add a bit of depth to your graphics. The mask
(photoshop) and the transparent layer (standalone) will create the
transition between the two layers. Ten tile spaces on the right hand
allow you to add tile details (flowers, rocks, whatever) to give you
a bit more detail to your expanded autotile. When you're done, just add
this to your tileset, or create an autotile using some of the created
tilesprites. However, you can also get rid of the background element
altogether and use the autotile expanded to create layering effects!

Example: I'm sure everyone who has RMXP is familiar with Ground2. Well,
with this layering system, you can have a more expanded Ground2, and save
that autotile slot for something else, like so!

[Image: JRG-Autotile-G-Ground01_zpsjbosvq1g.png]

I've already submitted this as a download, so please give it a try, and if you have any questions, please feel free to give me feedback.
[LINK] Get Your Autotile Expanded Setup Here! [LINK]

RE: (RMXP) Autotile Expanded - DerVVulfman - 04-12-2015

By design and definition, this is a tool that manipulates autotile resources, much like a characterset generator is a tool to make charactersets. And as a tool, it has been moved to the TOOLS board.