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RIP Leonard Nimoy - Kain Nobel - 02-28-2015

Leonard Nimoy, may you rest in peace.

[Image: nimoy.png]

...also known as Captain Spock of the Starship Enterprise! \\//_

[Image: Spock+is+mad.tiff]

I could just feel the sadness today and now I understand why. It was great having you around, inspiring people to look beyond their little bubble and to explore the universe and beyond. Live long and prosper indeed, you will be missed.

I wish you a safe flight back home! Godspeed Captain! d:o

RE: RIP Leonard Nimoy - yamina-chan - 02-28-2015

He was a great man, with a great sense of humor and many talents.
And he will live on in the memories of many people. But his absence won't go unnoticed for quite a while.

RE: RIP Leonard Nimoy - MetalRenard - 02-28-2015

Never been a trekkie or liked the series but I've heard he was a kind and genuine person. I'm glad he had a good life.

RE: RIP Leonard Nimoy - greenraven - 03-02-2015

I heard what happened, kinda sucks. :(