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Derpy Gamer - greenraven - 09-22-2014

Hey everyone. I just recently updated my youtube channel so I thought I'd come peddle my wares. I play games and I suck horribly, occasionally I'll record my suckings for everyone to laugh at. Winking with a tongue sticking out

I mostly do classic old-gen gaming (up to N64/PS1 era) but I do modern PC games from time to time too. (I can't seem to figure out how to share entire playlists, so I guess I'll just post the 1st video of a series.) Here's a few random samplings of what I've got going on so far, hopefully something will catch your eyes.

Pokemon Sapphire
Princess Maker 2
X-Com UFO Defense
X-Men 2
Shining Force
Sword Of The Samurai
Wing Commander Privateer

I do take requests/challenges, so if there's a certain game you'd like to see me play or a certain way you'd like to see me play it just let me know what and how.

Check out my channel on Youtube.
I also occasionally stream on Twitch.
And it comes full circle with written reviews.

Thanks for reading/watching hope you found something entertaining. Grinning

RE: Derpy Gamer - Ahzoh - 09-22-2014

Are you willing to play a gory game like Corpse Party... heh heh heh

RE: Derpy Gamer - greenraven - 09-22-2014

Depends on how gory it gets, I would prefer not to get banned from youtube. XD

RE: Derpy Gamer - Ahzoh - 09-22-2014

It's the level of gore where you see chibi overworld sprites of decaying corpses and spilled guts. But the storyline is GREAT!
Eitherway actually, PewdiePie did a let's play of Corpse Party.

RE: Derpy Gamer - greenraven - 09-23-2014

Horror games aren't really my forte but if youtube will be fine with me uploading it I'll give it a shot. XD

I'll put it on my to-do list.