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Heroes Legacy (working title) - Punn_ - 09-12-2014

HEROES LEGACY (Working title)

A story was told that the land, Gauiri, named after wealth, beauty and purity, can turn dreams into reality. In the books, it stated that those who travel to the blessed land will find wealth and good health. People often move to this land in search of finding "The Big Life", a term often heard from the commoner's mouth.
But what was really written is that salvation comes after death. Those who don't understand often ignore this, their ignorance and greed blinded these people. In the past history, Guari was nothing but a battle field, of demons and humans. The angels appear before the son of god and parished the demons. However this was over thousands of cycles ago..
Taking place in the present time, war and military movement is common. Greed is always in the thoughts of many. Along the surrounding continents, the Central, Eastwoods, West lands, Southbound and Northern Mountains all strive to become the richest and powerful. Behind the walls, there's many secrecy, stories and tales that no one thought would be true.
On top of the current problems with war, there's have been many reports houses, lands, cattles and crop being destroyed. No one is for certain if it was the work of monsters or bandits.. These worries didn't go unnoticed. This lead to the growth of the military uprising, formed by the governments, from small villages or independent. As with the military, science improved as well. Creating medicines, weapons or even experimenting, using humans and beast alike. There's no other additional details concerning what really goes on behind the closed door, but the public was ensured that everything is ethical.
Many were concern that these weren't enough to fix the constant growing caused by man and monsters, so they turned to religion. Through time, many religions were created because of the many theory based off the stories, and interpet differently. While some agreed, many other disapproved. Religion became a conflict within the towns people. Some even started war because of this disagreement.
Despite of all this, people still travel to the land simply to enjoy life... or what remains of it.

The story begins with a young man and his sister enjoy the life they live in, regardless of the hardship, they face any challanges together. Despite of how often they yell and argue, they know that they have each other left in the home land with a population less than 50, and continuously declining by the seasons. Until an unfaithful event that will change forever.. and cause the two to seek "The Big Life"...

(Currently work in progress)
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Playable Characters:

[Image: 8xovut.jpg]
A young swordman with a gift of speed and dexterity, able to find enemies weak point and in progress of understanding the electrical magick.

[Image: 2zs1tzl.jpg]
An inexperienced hunter who is determind to show that she isn't a waste. Prefer to use bow and arrow to attack from a distance. Efficient with magick.

-Charlie Fleed's Passive State Skills Activation and Skill Activation.
-Enemy stats and appearances updates as you progress to the game.
-Over 500 Spells, skills, and passive, with multiple ways of obtaining them.
-Many spells/skills with unique combo and effect, providing great strategy if used correctly
-Unique Elemental Effects (Reflect/Drain/Null/Resist)
-Over 200 Unique weapons, each with their unique attribute and strength and Trigger (Golden Sun's Howl).
-Over 300 equipment, which also contain special attribute and bonuses.
-Driver (Soul Rage) use to perform deadly skills or finishing moves
-Free open world, travel beyond the boarder and reveal secrets
-Campfire scenes, unlock additional dialog, story, quest or skills.
-Well documented diaries found throughout the game, giving hints, idea, and history within the game
-Item Mixing system
-Adjusted RTP battle system
-Limited inventory space.
-Optional Bosses.
-Unlockable dungeons.
-Excavate ores, fishing, farming, gather herbs, and hunting to earn extra cash or useful items [Planning]
-Item storage system [Planning]
-Arena, win prizes and items to help you on your adventures [Planning]
-Quest System [Planning]
-Pigeon system, obtain special quests, offers and trading anytime throughout the game [Planning]

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