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Music by Python Blue - Python Blue - 05-01-2012

Heads-up: I will be sharing a LOT of music, here. :P

First of all, I specialize in electronic music. While I have occasionally resorted to stuff that is not necessarily meant for games, all of my pieces are instrumental. One of my biggest influences would actually be darkwave pioneer Gary Numan, and if you take a listen to his mid '80s to early '90s material, you should be able to see how much he influenced me. Where soundtracks are concerned, my influences also come from Robyn Miller, who composed the first two Myst game soundtracks, the first Halo soundtrack, and even as recent as some segments of Mikko Tarmia's music for Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

While I have been able to incorporate a few types of electronic music for games, my specialty is ambient and/or slow music.

Cryo State

The above piece was meant as mod music for Portal 1.

Reese Voight

The title of this piece is given after my mascot character, who is depicted on my avatar.

Amnesia: Letter to Self (Redux)

Guess which game this was meant for. XD


I think this piece I had originally intended for a mod of Minecraft, but I honestly don't remember. In any case, in terms of melodic build, it's one of my personal favorites.

The Underworld

Some music for Minecraft, which I then scrapped for the purpose of the game; I didn't feel it sounded ambient enough.

It can also be argued that nostalgia is ridden throughout my music, made especially obvious with this piece, cleverly titled "The Return of the Past"

The Return of the Past

RE: Music by Python Blue - MetalRenard - 05-01-2012

It would be cool if you could give each link a title, maybe some info about what it is you do too. I mean, I know, of course, but others would be more likely to have a listen if your thread had a bit of an intro and a bit of a presentation. :P

Nice work Mr. Blue, keep it up!

RE: Music by Python Blue - Python Blue - 05-01-2012

Just updated the first post. Apologies for the original, MetalRenard. :/

RE: Music by Python Blue - MetalRenard - 05-01-2012

:O No need to apologise...! I said it purely for you... T_T Sorry you took it the wrong way!

RE: Music by Python Blue - ClockworkAngel - 05-01-2012

Cryo-state - I love this! It makes me feel all tingly~ <3
Reese Voight - Again, this is awesome, I'm loving the ambience in this.
Amnesia: Letter to Self (Redux) - Fave so far. It feels somewhat darker. I'm familiar with Amnesia and think the atmosphere this gives would be very suitable for Amnesia.
Hope - Can't really say I'm a fan tbh of this one. I'm not sure why, it just doesn't go with me I guess. n.n" From a non-personal perspective, it's still a great track though.
The Underworld - Eheheh~ I do like this one, quite a lot. It makes me feel at home, as it were (I live in some creepy places). Very good work indeed sir~
The Return of the Past - I'm also liking this. You certainly hit the nostalgia-factor well with it. XD

I am loving your stuff so far~ Hope to see/hear more soon. n.n

RE: Music by Python Blue - Python Blue - 05-01-2012

I take it, ClockworkAngel, you don't like Hope because you prefer darker material? That sums up most of the other pieces. XD

RE: Music by Python Blue - ClockworkAngel - 05-01-2012

>.> Oddly enough... I do. >.>" XD

RE: Music by Python Blue - Zackwell - 05-01-2012

Hooo. Some of those frequencies shook my room something crazy.

I like your style, python. Keep making good music. ┬ŽD

RE: Music by Python Blue - Python Blue - 05-01-2012

Oh? How loud were your speakers? XD

Thanks for the comment! :)

RE: Music by Python Blue - Zackwell - 05-01-2012

My speakers were quite loud. It was more that there were some frequencies that resonated more than others.

I'm not usually a fan of electronica, but I quite enjoyed your work.
Also, thanks for reminding me of bandcamp. I needed another place to put my work. XD