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As The Tears Go By - Single - MetalRenard - 11-13-2011

Hey! Your favourite fox here!

[Image: 804683805-1.jpg]

Listen, buy or share!!!

If you just listen then... If I may be so bold as to ask you if you would share this with a friend? Wuv you if you could do that! *licks*

But most of all... Enjoy!

RE: As The Tears Go By - Single - NnsNightshade - 11-14-2011

Creepy! Do like. :D You really know how to make dark and creepy stuff. The robotized whining vocals make it even more chilling (but I can't understand what its saying sometimes).

RE: As The Tears Go By - Single - MetalRenard - 11-14-2011

Thanks a lot. :)
The effect is a kind of chorus, but he had recorded with that effect before I had a chance to stop him. I almost think it would have been better without it, and people tend to agree. But I still like it as is. The 2nd one was recorded plain and simple and I was able to do all the mixing and effects myself, meaning a much cleaner result.

I'm going to submit these songs to a radio soon... Maybe one of the BBC radios.